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Easily connect with customers online 

The Service provides a personalized website, a job applicant dashboard, an email marketing platform and an event reservation system - all combined to connect you with YOUR customers and future employees. It's easy to get started and simple to use.

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Now you can have a website created just for your Chick-fil-A restaurant that's personalized to match how you market your location.

Your website has a phone, tablet, and computer-friendly design. Tactical functions like donation requests, job applications and online ordering are prominent and allow you to centralize your connection points behind one simple URL. Pages can be tailored to your events, announcements, galleries, community involvement, kids activities, and more.

Local Website

Jobs & Applicant Tracking

The Applicant Tracking Tool lets you organize job postings, review applicants, track your hiring process and communicate with your managers about candidates - all in one central location.


You can sort applicants and track them via steps that are editable to match your own process flow.


Review applications and add notes for your hiring managers so that everyone is in sync.



Email Marketing

Your fellow Operators and RMDs have seen that personalized, locally-relevant email is still one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and have them take action.


Our Service includes a robust email marketing tool that provides an updated library of pre-built templates – from menu item promotions to in-store events to group-specific outreach – it’s all here. You can personalize the content and even send emails to targeted groups with your own customer database.

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Event Calendar with


Your website includes a robust Event Calendar where you can showcase all of your in-store and community events. Link your social media accounts to your event to give customers a full description of your activity.

Customers can RSVP from your Calendar, and if you choose, you can also add time-slot reservations. Your customers will even get an email detailing their reservation, helping to ensure they have a positive event experience!

Customer Database / CRM

Every Operator should keep a customer database for communicating in-restaurant events and promotions. The challenge is that without the appropriate tools, maintaining and using it can be a lot of work.


With our Service, you have your own easy-to-use customer database with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. Customers are added via online sign-up and by you through the admin. The system organizes their information, allowing you to target the right people with the right messages.

Get up and running easily

  1. Sign up for the service on this website. It costs $100/month with no add-on fees and no email limits.

  2. We’ll begin the process to launch your website and send you your admin password.

  3. With your password, you can log into your admin control panel to easily make updates to your website, post open positions, promote events, send emails and access your customer database.

Ready to get started?

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