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Job Posting & Applicant Tracking

Based on great input from Restaurant managers, we've added a robust Applicant Tracking tool to the Operator Website platform. It is designed to help with your workflow of collecting, organizing and interviewing job applicants.

Job Postings Page

The Job Postings page lets you see positions currently posted on your website, edit them, or remove them. It also contains a "snapshot" of all current and past job descriptions. You can easily adjust the date range during which a job will be displayed, and you can re-use previous jobs, editing their details before posting.

Managing a Job Posting

Clicking any current or past job posting brings up the "Manage Job Postings" page, where you can change the title, text, choose to display pay information, set expiration dates and view stats. This is also where you can add the salary or hourly range for a position if you choose.

Applicant Tracking Dashboard

The Dashboard will show you all applicants who have applied via your website. You can sort them by position, daypart, availability and other parameters.


You can track their status as they progress through the hiring process, which we’ve made editable to match your own process flow. We understand that many Restaurants employ multiple managers for the hiring process steps. This is why we designed the columns to allow multiple people to log in and see the status of each candidate. Your "first interview manager" can look for checkboxes in the "phone call" column as an indicator of who to reach out to next.

Admin view of an individual application

Clicking on an individual will bring up their application. Here you can read each application and add notes for yourself and other hiring managers. You’ll also have quick access (at the top) to each applicant’s contact information.

The Applicant Tracking Tool is just one of the ways that the Operator Website Service provides a good value to Chick-fil-A Operators and RMDs who are looking to grow their business and retain great talent.

Ready to get started?

Please call our Chick-fil-A Support Team at 404-549-8897 with any questions.

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