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Email Marketing Tool

Looking for ways to grow your Restaurant's business this year? One smart option is the Email Marketing Tool that comes with the Chick-fil-A Operator Website Service. Stay connected with your existing customers in the way that many of them prefer while adding new customers to your database as you grow your business. Features include:

Ready-to-Personalize Templates

A library of templates are custom-designed using corporate's VIS brand guidelines. They include the latest corporate campaigns, catering-themed business drivers, event-specific themes, online ordering and more​​​.

email templates.jpg
"DIY" email templates for your completely custom message

These email format options empower you to completely personalize the text and imagery to suit your needs, all while keeping the format, colors and other design elements within corporate brand guidelines.

DIY templates.jpg
Smart campaigns that are easy to create

You can drive customers and potential team members to your website with targeted links that encourage them to order online, sign up for an event, learn about your announcements or apply for a job.

As with the rest of the Operator Website Service, the simple-to-use admin in the Email Marketing Tool lets you send and manage email campaigns without needing to know complicated technology. You'll be able to get up and running quickly, send campaigns, track their results and get on with running your business.

Unlimited potential, limited cost

Only with the Chick-fil-A Operator Website Service can you get a solution where there are no caps on how many emails you can send and no limits on your database size. Most custom email platforms charge you more when your email outreach succeeds and your target list grows. Our solution allows you to do it all and never pay extra because its included in the Operator Website Service.

The Email Marketing Tool is just one of the ways that the Operator Website Service provides a good value to Chick-fil-A Operators and RMDs who are looking to grow their business and retain great talent.

Ready to get started?

Please call our Chick-fil-A Support Team at 404-549-8897 with any questions.

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