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Event Calendar and Reservation Tool

Most Operators agree that in-store events are a great way to foster community with your customers. They also help to drive business during days and times when it's advantageous to create a special draw to your restaurant. The event calendar and its reservation tool is a great way to promote your events and the reservation tool is a smart way to control the flow of customers and ensure that everyone has a great in-store experience.

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Event Promotion

You can showcase events in a number of ways - your website homepage prominently shows your upcoming events automatically. You can also choose banner ads from the library or upload your own custom banners to promote your event. Don't forget that the email marketing tool also has event-related templates that you can send to your customer list, drawing them to the events page on your website.

Event Calendar

Customers can view your upcoming events in "details" format or in a traditional calendar layout.

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Time-slot Reservations

You can choose to add RSVPs to any event. They can be set up as a general sign-up or be limited to a certain number per time slot. This is especially useful when you are hosting guests at a fixed number of tables for your event.

The customer simply chooses a time, enters some basic personal information and sees a confirmation of their reservation.

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Auto-mailed Customer Reservation Email

Completing a reservation results in the customer being emailed a "ticket" of sorts that gives them all of the important information regarding their reservation and the overall event. It's a simple way for them to remember the event. This email also gives the customer a link to cancel their reservation should they choose.

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The Event Calendar and Reservation System is just one of the ways that the Operator Website Service provides a good value to Chick-fil-A Operators and RMDs who are looking to grow their business through in-store events and customer connections.

Ready to get started?

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